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Come Together Right Now, Manatee!

The Workforce Initiative is a partnership between Take Stock in Children, Manatee and local business and industry to place educated, motivated and committed TSIC Scholars into needed positions that address key workforce gaps for the community.

Here’s how it works:
Take Stock scholars work hard to earn their scholarships and are accountable for maintaining the contractual standards of the program throughout high school. Through regular interactions with a volunteer mentor, they learn about communicating with adults and maintaining contact – as well as gaining the wisdom and insight that a mentor provides! Take Stock Manatee screens and works with scholars who are applying for intern or employment opportunities to prepare them for entry into the WorkFORCE. Take Stock in Children, Manatee has over 200 scholars currently enrolled in post-secondary education. These scholars have been pursuing a course of study and are eager for summer internships or employment. Take Stock alumni consistently demonstrate a strong work ethic and an unconditional desire to give back to the community.

Take Stock Manatee also serves 154 scholars in 6 – 12 grade right here in Manatee County. These scholars have yet to decide a course of study and future career path. Through involvement and engagement with local business and industry, these scholars are given a unique insight into careers that align with their interests. This engagement might look like: Specific workplace tours, collaborative volunteer service opportunities, special enrichment projects, job-shadowing and more. In this way, employers of our community have the opportunity to influence our future workforce. United, we can Grow Our Own talent in key skills and high-demand fields right here In Our Own Back Yard.