Dear Donor,

My name is Gaurav Thakkar and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done for me and my family. You have made a tremendous impact on my life. You have given me the opportunity to go to college and become something of myself and the makes my parents proud. I cannot say thank you enough. My family and I came to the United States in 2001 from India. I faced many challenges at school in the beginning. I couldn't speak any English so it was hard for me to communicate with my teachers. Though I get support from my family have to do things on my own because they are not familiar with the education system in America. I live with my parents, brother and his wife and their 2 children and my grandmother. I am the first in my family to graduate from high school and will be attending the University of South Florida where I plan to pursue a career in Pharmacy. This scholarship means everything to me. If it wasn't for the scholarship, I wouldn't even be considering going to USF.

I will be graduating this year from Braden River High School. I will miss this school and my friends because we all are really close. In high school, I always strive to do my best. Taking the hardest courses that are offered. Even with these courses, I have won numerous academic excellence awards. I have participated in clubs such as the National Honor Society, Math Honor Society, Junior and Senior Advisory Board, FBLA, TSA, and Spanish Club. I have been a vice president in Math Honor Society, Treasure/Historian in Junior Advisory Board and Social Coordinator in Spanish Club. I attempted to create an Asian Culture Club at Branden River. Though it will probably start after I have graduated, I have written the Bylaws of the club.

My Mentor had a great impact on me. His name is Rick and we meet each other once a week during my lunch time. He has helped me get through a lot of things. I had trouble in reading comprehension tests and so I talked to him. Next time he came, he brought a book that had practice exercises. I am a person who gets nervous about tests and things of that sort. He helped me better cope with my anxiety. I really can't thank him enough.

I plan to attend the University of South Florida. I plan to get a bachelors degree in Chemistry and then I plan to attend the Pharmacy school at the University. I want to become a Pharmacist. This has been my goal since I was a little kid. By becoming a Pharmacist, I plan to give something back to my community.


Gaurav Thakkar