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Mentor Blast-Off Social - April 11th

Mentors are a critical component of our three legged stool: Scholarships, Mentors, and Hope.

Our mentors do the heavy lifting. They meet with their scholars weekly at school during the school year. They keep them motivated and on-track. They listen to their dramas and their traumas. These are the finest people in Manatee County!

On April 11th, we gathered them at Feld Entertainment to socialize and share stories and ideas! Thanks to all who attended and participated. Special thanks to Rob Hendrickson, Jennifer Caba, and Dr. Phyllis Brooks for making this mentor magic happen!

You probably won't be able to look through our photos without seeing someone you know. Tag them and let them know that you see the difference they are making in Manatee County!

Contact our office if you are interested in sharing your wisdom with an at-risk student with an opportunity for post-secondary education!